Sebo Felix 1

The SEBO FELIX 1 Premium upright vacuum offers all of the versatility of a canister vacuum in the form of an upright. This flexible machine turns 180 degrees at the neck for enhanced steering, offers a detachable hand-held vacuum unit, and an ultra-modern filtration system. Use the power head for deep cleaning your carpets or turn the brushroller off for delicate rugs. The Felix 1 also comes with a Parquet power-nozzle that is perfect for cleaning hardwood floors. Just like the other SEBO upright vacuum cleaners, the FELIX offers a flat-to-the-floor 5 1/2" profile for cleaning under furniture and tables. This unit is equipped with an orange warning light to alert you if the height is set too high for optimal performance or if your brush is worn. The FELIX also offers an automatic shut-off if your brush is obstructed.The SEBO FELIX 1 Premium upright vacuum offers all of the versatility of a stick vacuum with the functionality of a full size upright and is ideal for any cleaning situation.

The SEBO Felix 1 Premium vacuum includes a premium accessory kit consisting of 8 Vacuum bags, a 20" extension wand, a 9 ft. extension hose, and the SEBO Handheld Turbo Hand Brush.  If you happen to have pets or allergies, these accessories along with the SEBO Felix vacuum eliminate air pollutants and irritants to save your nasal passages trouble and damage.  The handbrush eliminates dirt and dust from your sheets and pillows and also works well in the car.  The 9 ft. extension hose is ideal for any home as the Felix can be laid down like a canister while you vacuum stairs or as you move along the room eliminating dust from higher locations.

MSRP --- $695.00
Our Price --- $595.00