Our East Akron Store

850 Canton Road
Akron, OH 44312
330 733-9468
Open 9:00am - 6:00pm
Monday through Friday
9:00am - 3:00 on Saturday
Closed Sunday

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Our South Akron Store

Coventry Plaza
3333 Manchester Road
330 245 1000
Open 9:30am - 6:00pm
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Closed Thursday and Sunday
Open 9:30am - 3:00pm on Saturday

Store Info and Directions

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Customer Feedback

I am so glad I bought the sweeper your salesperson recommended. It is a real hit with my wife. The time he took to explain the various functions of the machine to my wife was far and above what most salespersons are willing to invest in a sale. It made a believer out of me.

Charles Shwimmer, Canton, Ohio

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Tinker Jack's Consumer Tips and Advice

Buying a Vacuum
The purchase of a new vacuum cleaner is an important decision. The right vacuum and its proper use can double or triple your carpet's life expectancy, saving you thousands of dollars in carpet wear. Most people presume a vacuum is doing its job. You can't see the bottom of your carpet to know if your vacuum is removing the sand and grit responsible for carpet damage.   read more
Vacuum Bags
Vacuum bags are made of filter paper which trap dust particles and allow the air to pass through. As the pores of the bag become clogged, air will not pass through freely, reducing cleaning efficiency and making the vacuum motor work harder with the possibility of overheating.   read more
Vacuum Belts
The drive shaft or motor pulley turns the belt which causes the brushroll to turn and provides the necessary agitation to deep clean your carpet.   read more
Vacuum Service
As dirt, dust and lint pass through your vacuum cleaner, a buildup in the bearing housings and bearings will slow down the brush roll causing excessive wear on your vacuum motor and belt. Over a period of time some brushes become soft, lose effectiveness and need to be replaced.   read more
Central Vacuums
Todays homes, with all their advanced technology, continue to get dirty and dusty. The central (or built-in) vacuum can make total house cleaning less of a chore and more efficient.   read more
Purchasing Tips
Investigate the new machines. Todays technology has brought major advancements to the types and styles available. Just the size and weight of todays machines have changed dramatically. Computerized features offer ease and precision.   read more
Service Tips
Lint, thread and broken needles can collect in the needle bar, hook and feed mechanism, causing problems ranging from noise to more serious problems that can stop the machine from sewing.   read more
Learning to Sew
Sewing machine retailers have become one of the most important resources for sewing education in North America.   read more